Second X-Agora was a great success!

By maxwell | 16 April 2024

The second edition of the X-Agora took place on the 15th April, and was extremely productive.In attendance were we 30 people on site and 10 online, from Universities in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the UK.

HEEPocrates featured in EUROPRACTICE report

By maxwell | 25 March 2024

An article on the HEEPocrates chip has been published in the EUROPRACTICE Activity Report 2023. EUROPRACTICE was launched by the European Commission in 1995 as a successor of EUROCHIP (1989-1995) to enhance European industrial competitiveness in the global market. A detailed breakdown of the chip and its component processes and […]

X-HEEP community is growing fast: X-Agora at EPFL

By maxwell | 27 November 2023

The Internet of Things is expanding at an incredible rate, and consequently demands for ever smaller intelligent hardware are constantly increasing. The Embedded Systems Lab has collaborated with other EPFL teams and EcoCloud to design X-HEEP: a RISC-V chip which is aimed at tiny platforms with big jobs to do. […]